Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hoprico a travel agent?
Yes & No - Hoprico is not your typical travel agency in the traditional sense. Hoprico brings to you the best of both the worlds - low prices of Online Travel Agents (OTA) and personalized human service of the travel agent rolled into one.

What is the area of Hoprico's expertise?
Hoprico specializes in bringing you the lowest prices for hotels worldwide and other travel services all under one single roof. What sets us apart is our price comparision model.

What services does Hoprico provide?
We provide booking service for every imaginable travel need that you may have worldwide. Find more about the services we offer here.

What does price comparison model mean?
Price comparison simply means that you provide us with the offer you have for any of the travel service you wish to book and we will try and find you a better offer for the same.

Why do you say booking hotels online is not the cheapest?
With years of experience and knowledge of the online travel market we can say with fair certainty that Online Travel Agents (OTA) provided huge discounts in the early years of their existence which have slowly dwindled away. Clever marketing and huge discounts got users hooked onto these OTA and continued booking with them though over a period they no longer had competitive pricing anymore.

How can you guarantee the lowest rates for hotels worldwide?
Our preferred relationship with vendors and hotels worldwide enables us to provide you the lowest prices possible with access to hundreds of vendors that may not be available to the general public.

Will I pay more if I book through Hoprico than an Online Travel Agent (OTA)?
No. We have access to all the same pricing for resorts as the online booking sites do and we can price-match online booking engine pricing when comparing apples to apples. In most cases, we can find discounts and other promotional offerings that are not offered to the general public.

What is the Hoprico Challenge?
Hoprico Challenge was introduced to debunk the myth that booking hotels online was not the cheapest option. Its rather simple – send us the best offer you can find and we will beat or at least match the price and that too without any commitment to book with us or prepayment.

I need to plan a holiday, can you help?
To keep our pricing competitive and the business model profitable we cannot provide consultation services for your holiday. However our partner agency offers consultative services. Please get in touch with us to find out more.

Why should we book with Hoprico instead of an OTA or the hotel directly?
Few of the reasons why you should book with Hoprico:
- Better rates than OTA or hotels directly.
- One stop shop for all your travel needs. No more coordinating with multiple vendors.
- Dedicated booking agent with 24/7 service for all your queries.
- Personalised hunman interaction rather than call centers to deal with.
- All your requests and communcation with individual hotels/vendors will be dealt by our team.
- Faster refunds in you bank instead of credit given by OTA.

What are the supported modes of payment you accept?
Payment above INR 50,000 can be made via cheque, demand draft, bank transfer or credit card (charges applicable) ONLY.

How will I know that my booking is confirmed?
In case of refundable bookings we will provide you with a booking reference number which can be verified with the hotel/vendor. However as a part of our service we reconfirm all the reservations twice, one at the time of booking and second closer to the stay date, to ensure smooth hassle free travel for you.

Is there an advance deposit required?
We would require advance payment in case of non-refundable bookings being made.

Do you do group bookings?
Yes we do group bookings however with a few different terms and conditions.

Should you have any further queries feel free to get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist you.

Have you taken our Hoprico Challenge yet?? Compare prices online and send us the screenshot of the best price you find via WhatsApp or Email and we will get you a better offer. Alternatively, request a quote for one of the services we provide.